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Part 1: The "Local Alert System" from 10k Feet. You'll get a view of exactly how the entire system works, how to use it to get clients and how to build a recurring income in the first 30 days (and how to scale to 10k/month in under 90 days).

Part 2: How to set up a local alert system for any community so that it is seen as a valuable public service. You'll learn the exact technical setup of the alert service and how we set it up so that we don't have to do anything after it's initial setup.

Part 3: How to publicize the local alert service so that it get subscribers fast and becomes a legitimate community standard. You'll learn exactly how we quickly build up the subscriber base of the local alert system in each community so that is is seen as a genuine and valuable public service entity for the community (that everyone appreciates and acknoqledges).

Part 4: How to find "Sponsors" for the local alert system and how to sign them up for recurring monthly payments to your Agency. You'll see exactly how we nail down the 10 monthly sponsors of the alert system, what they get in return, and how we do this in under 30 days in each community we build it in.

Part 5: How to levearge the authority the Local Alert Service grants you into a 10k+/month business (and how to repeat the process in multiple cities). You'll learn exactly how we turn those first 10 sponsors into a 10k+/month business using the authority that the local alert system grants us in the community.

[Advanced Only] The Done-for-You Local Alert System Social Media Advertisements.

[Advanced Only] The Done-for-You Local Alert System Flyers.

[Advanced Only] The Done-for-You Local Alert Website Template (this is how we make it extra special for our "Sponsors" and gain instant authority for our agency in the community).

[Advanced Only] The Exact Blueprint for hiring help and building a 10k+/month generating "Local Alert System" in multiple communities.

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