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Inside of this very special program, you'll discover exactly how to harness Canva, AI, and our proprietary "Magic Tricks" to grow your business and make your brand stand out.

Part 1: The "Work of Marketing Art from Scratch" Trick. You'll learn the exact AI Driven process that we use inside of Canva to create marketing creative pieces that stand head and shoulders above anything else out there in the market.

Part 2: The "Magic Bottomless Content Well" Trick. You'll discover exactly how we use Canva to generate 50-100 pieces of beautiful content in under an hour and how to instantly turn that into useful marketing material online.

Part 3: The "Children's Book Illustrator" Trick. You'll learn the exact process that we've used to help our clients illustrate their Books using the power of AI right inside of the Canva editor (This one will blow your mind).

Part 4: The "Business Image Expander" Trick. You'll get an inside view of exactly how we turn images that we would normally have to throw away into marketing creative that work perfectly using the powerful of AI Driven Image Expansion.

Part 5: The "AI to Print Attention Grabber" Trick. You'll see the exact process that we use to turn an AI driven piece of marketing material into a real world print creative and how we have used that to generate instant sales for small businesses.

[Advanced Only] Ben's "AI Magic" Social Media Service. You'll get a birds eye view of exactly how we turned a boring Social Media presence into one that dominated a local market (and what we charge to provide the service).

[Advanced Only] Ben's "Magic Graphics on Demand" Service. You'll see the exact service that we provide to our clients which puts you into a "retainer" mode every month (and the exact work we're doing and what we provide for on demand graphic design). And yes... you can do this even if you suck at graphic design!

[Advanced Only] Ben's "Magic 10k/client Brand Makeover" Service. You'll get a birds eye view of how we have completely transformed one of our clients brands and how you can get paid 10k+ for anyone that you do this for (exact steps in the process).

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