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Part 1: The Yelp Blueprint from 10k Feet Up. You'll get a birds eye view of exactly what we're doing and exactly how this service quickly stacks into Recurring income for our business (without the need for any extra work after the initial setup.)

Part 2: How to use Yelp Search to find ideal clients in any city. You'll see exactly how we find the perfect clients for our special service and how we reach out to them using a technique that is based on how Yelp pulls on psychological levers in your potential clients' minds.

Part 3: The "Yelp Ranking Service" In Depth. You'll get a full walkthrough of the custom fit service that we are providing to our our clients and how it helps them rank higher in Yelp for their desired terms (without you having to do any ongoing work after the initital setup. We'll cover the full service and the tech setup involved (it takes around an hour to setup every new client).

Part 4: How we sign up our "Yelp Clients". You'll see exactly how we sign up each new client, how we onboard them, and how we get a $997 up front fee and then $300/month to deliver the service.

Part 5: The 4 Hour "Yelp Ranking Service" Workweek. You'll discover exactly how to start, build, and scale the Yelp Service into a 10k/month business that you can run from home in just 4 hours a week.

Bonus #1: The Done-for-You Yelp Service Sales Page. You'll get the exact page that we use to explain exactly what the client is getting to them and get them to sign up right on the page.

Bonus #2: The Done-for-You Yelp Service Order Page Stack. You'll get the exact order pages and onboarding page that we use for our client so that you can get started immediately without having to build any pages from scratch.

Bonus #3: The Done-for-You In Store Creatives. You'll get the exact in store creative templates that we use to set our client's businesses up. These are what lead into the special "Yelp Ranking Engine". Instead of having to build your own from scratch, you can have the ones Ben uses with all of his clients.

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